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Price is just part of the purchase, the value of the property towards your investment is what most important. Let us assist to help you to find the best value property to you.

10 steps to take before you decided to purchase your next property in Kuala Lumpur City Centre

After years of experience, we have found out many have made a bad property investment choice, because they have not done these 10 steps evaluation check list. Most of our purchasers are happy with thier purchase after they go through these steps with us.

Which type of buyer?

Are you looking for opportunity to have quickcapital gain or long term saving goal? Are you looking for starter home, or a retirement place. Get these questions clarified first, purpose is always help to clear things up.


Loan eligibility

What is the loan amount of you and your family eligible for the next purchase, get a professional bank officer to help out on this or you can ask us to find one for you. This step can save you much more time and money in the future.


Establish a budget

Establishing a budget will assist you in determining your level of comfort. This is advantageous as your portfolio grows and you acquire additional properties.

Concertrate on one area

Find the property that price at you budget range and see if its reasonable, try concertrate in one area, then it will be easier for gathering information and indentify a good buy.

Development / Projects

Now, zoom in on your focus area to familiarise yourself with the current developments, projects, and available resale units.


12 comparison factors

We have a 12 compare factors list to help property buyers to filter out the best choice, factors such as, land size, popularity, age of property, demand vs supply and more. Click here to find out the full lists.


Highest transacted price

Find out what are the peak / highest price transacted within 5 years for the similar unit you choose, if its higher than the peak price, you might want to consider if its value could fetch you another boost or not, else you might want to move along to other choice.

Most recent launch price

You maybe surprise some newly launch project in Kuala Lumpur city center may not as high as some near the city fringe, use those new launch price to benchmark will help too.

Asking price vs sold price

If the property you choose has an asking price lower than the “transacted price” of past 6 months, then probably this is a deal you can consider, because it is selling below market price.


Property agents

The final step in getting started in the right direction is to network with the appropriate agents – agents who are specialists in the areas in which you wish to specialise. The right agents will be able to provide you with the necessary information, such as recently transacted or launched prices, as well as prices of nearby projects, to enable you to make meaningful comparisons.

10 steps

Current Listings

Get a FREE copy on the 12 property comparison lists to make a better property purchase

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